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Learn how to get started with Big Bear.

Going Off the Grid?

Download this tutorial directly to your phone ahead of time for offline access.

Onboarding Checklist

  • Watch the onboarding video and download a copy for offline access.
  • Complete all steps on the listing site that you booked from (Outdoorsy, Rvezy, RVshare, RVnGo). Select your insurance and roadside assistance package.
  • Add all additional drivers to ensure they are covered while driving.
  • Let us know if you want to add a propane fire pit or kayak amenity so we can send you a safety agreement.
  • Add any add-ons that you would like on our listing that you booked from. Let us know if you have any questions.
  • Register the van's license plate for any toll pass accounts or campsites.
    The plate # is:
    1820 ZY
  • Review our supply list for packing.
  • Download the RV Master app so we can pair your phone to the van when you arrive.
  • Meet us at the pick up location:
    1307 Brook Bluff Rd
    Knightdale, NC 27545

    If you have paid for drop off, we will meet you at your location.

  • For RVezy bookings: Make sure you bring a matching driver's license when you come for a key exchange.
  • When we do the key exchange, we will do a quick walkthrough and answer any questions.
  • While on your trip. Text us anytime. Seriously. We are more than happy to answer any questions that were not included in the tutorial video or Guest Hub. We are the most responsive between 9am - 9pm.

    In the event that you need roadside help, refer to the app where you booked from for coverage and our roadside page for help.
  • When you check-out, add gas and propane and set aside all dishes and cookware that you used in a gray bin. Take out all used sleeping bags from the pillowcases.
  • Leave a review and tell others about your trip! We hope to see you again!

Our Policies

FirePit & Kayak
Since these provisions can be unsafe if misused, we require a liability waiver if you select our Fire Pit or Kayak amenity.

The following activities are not allowed:

Offroading is not allowed. Established grass, dirt or gravel roads are fine as long as they are flat and

Towing is not allowed.

Late Check out - $120
We include a 2 hour grace period. There is a late if you do not return our unit beyond the 2 hour grace period.

Smoking - $400
Smoking inside the van is prohibited and will result in a $400 fine. Smoking at least 5 feet outside van is fine.

Unattended Awning
Wind damage is one of the the most common types of damage to RV awnings. A damaged awning will cost $3000 to replace. Avoid leaving the awning during heavy winds, rain and never leave it open unattended.

The seats must be covered if you have a pet. Must be secured if unattended.