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Supply List

We got you covered

What you need to bring

We like to keep it simple.


We recommend simple meals that are easy to prep and make in a small space.


Bring your basic toiletries.
In addition, we recommend:
• Wet wipes
• Hand sanitizer


Pack in a duffle bag. It will be easier to fit.
Pack light and prepare for the weather.


We include a bike rack that can fit up to 2 bikes

Pet Supplies

Bring your basic pet supplies. We recommend including:
• Pet harness
• Doggy camera

What we include

Here's a list of what you don't need to bring:

Kitchen Items

Dinnerware set for 4
• Utensils
• Plates and bowls
• Mugs and cups

Kitchen Utensils
• Can opener
• Bottle opener
• Grill kit with tongs, spatula & skewers


• Camp Pot and pan
• Tea Kettle
• Coffee Percolator
• Compact blender
• Cast Iron
• Omnia stovetop oven

Kitchen GEAR
• Spices
• Brita water pitcher
• Compact Tupperware container
• Compact Ice packs
• Paper towels


Queen-sized Bed:
• Linens
• 4 pillows
• Blanket

Full-sized bunk bed:
• 2 sleeping bags
• 2 bath towels
• 2 beach towels
• Washcloths
• Hand towels

Pet Accommodations

• Pet bed
• Seat covers
• “Dogs on board” exterior magnetic signage
• Pet dish trays
• Slack line with dog trolley

These items will be removed if you don’t have a pet to give you more storage space.

Campfire Gear

• Hatchet
• Shovel / Pick axe
• Optional Firepit
• Collapsible bucket
• Heat resistant gloves
• Matches

Patio Gear

• 4 camp chairs
• Camp table
• Optional firepit or charcoal grill
• USB magnetic lantern
• Outdoor movie projector
• Picnic table cloth

Hiking Gear

• 2 headlamps
• 2 radio walkie talkies


• 5G Hotspot
• 4G Wifi
• Roku TV

Repair Gear

• Toolkit with screwdriver, hammer and wrenches
• Duct tape
• WD-40
• OEM diagnostics for check engine light
• Tire repair kit

Adventure Gear

• Bike rack for 2 bikes
• Optional kayak
• Optional boogie board

Portable power

• Jackery power bank
• AAA and AA batteries
• Universal USB cords