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Your questions answered

What is the license plate to register the van for a toll pass or campsite?

If you have an EZpass, you will have to:
• Bring your transponder
• Register our van to your EZpass toll account.

The license plate is 1820ZY

How much gas mileage does the van get?

On average, our van gets 14-16 miles per gallon depending on total weight and terrain. Detailed specs can be found on our feature page.

Can I use my own insurance?

No. You can only use the insurance provided by our listing platforms.

How many miles are included in my trip?

Total trip miles are calculated as follows:
Daily miles rate x Number of days = total trip miles.

100 daily miles x 7 days = 700 miles.

It is only $0.50 for each mile that you go over. Daily miles per day may vary based on season.

Can my spouse drive during the rental?

Yes. All additional drivers must be registered and verified on your booking for them to drive. Drivers not registered will not be able to drive.

Are there restrictions on where I can go?

You can take our van anywhere you would like except:
• Out of country (for insurance reasons)
• Offroading